Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Angel

Is it so wrong that I love you so
They say these things change and life changes, time changes
They say that after everything we've been, everything I've seen of you
But my angel I am as madly in love with you as I was 5 years ago

You're my sweet erroneous path
and what I wouldn't destroy for you
But her, she is too innocent to be plagued by the world in which I find solace

In you, my angel, the trees grow
In you am I safe and whole
In you nothing matters but for the moment of masking, blinding, tragic joy

I would change my ways a thousand times
I for you will quit these filthy habits of mine
If there were time enough in all the world for us
I would give my million days just to hold you tight

So soft and tender, writhing in this sweet sorrowful abyss
Long, paused, broken
I would give for you my last haggard breath

But Angel, we all fall