Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When the battle breaks

We argue We fight
You you do this to me
but its all me its always been all me
You never talk to me anymore
we used to be so close
I still love you and you still love me
Would you notice if i went away - probably not
would you care
why of course my dear it would end your world
but after a couple of hours it would be just the same
so now what
i know the truth
we care but you dont have me
and i am way past sick of trying
i am done being there when you need me
and away when your having fun
i am done i cant do it anymore
do you not realise how much this exhausts me
do you not realise how much it hurts

We fight almost constantly and i cant take it
And you whom i turn to
you whom i trust
You never talk to me
you say you care but you never have

my distant friends have been better friends than you ever have
I dont ask for you to listen to my call at two in the morning
you think i need that - foolish
I ask to talk with you
to party with you
to help you study
to pick you up from work
to randomly come visit
to go out with you
to stay in with you
I ask you to be a friend to me as you are to everyone else

but i am not that kid
the one that asks for friendship
the one that needs your pity
and for this I am done

I will not call you
I will not text you
I will not message nor will i inform you
I cant take this and I am done

Goodbye my beautiful girls
my angel
my love
my princess
my gorgeous

I cant do it - you know I wish I could
I really really wish I could say goodbye - just like that
But I just cant do it
You are my four beautiful girls
you are my angels and my saviours
your like my own kind of drug
and I just cant give you up like that
I just cant