Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Chemically Abused Doll

An angel sweeter than the skies above
This is an ode to the one i give my heart and soul

Ive wasted you away
Break free, free from my ever seeking grasp
I apologise my beauty
for being the lowly self loathing creature I am

clutching at the corners of my mind
to be lovers, to be sinners
in this perfect paralysis of passion

Her stark naked form against me
to stroke her hair in that mussed style
to kiss her lips in that pout
to hold her by the hips the way she likes
to kiss her colar bone
to hold her and tell her i love her
to not let go

My angel, my darling vision of perfection
draped in the garments you love
I cant take this being distanced from you
please dont leave