Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Treehouse Living

the views of the future grasp me
holding on tight
they keep me foccused and yet distract me so
a life as i want to live it - imagine
the continued education
the feeble breaking
the terrible work and horrible dreams
the nightmares clutching
and the peaceful serenity
being one with everything - oh imagine
to be as i long to be
that world it scares me
no not the truth of it
but the injustice in what is casual destruction

the future it holds me tightly
suffocating at times
but a comfort like none before
Please please let me have it

and in the begging she returns
no not the future
just the girl im still waiting for
she can never know
i feel im screaming the words
but iv never said them and alas i never shall
shes my completion
lust without lust pleasure overwhelmed by pain
addicted - most probably i am
but for her i wouldnt want it any other way
for can i love her so truly
if giving up the sickness i feel for her
just another dillusion
but the type il hold forever

the future it beckons
in the effereal flame of today
i hope it was enough